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5 Days 4 Nights


Welcome to the dazzling city of Dubai Tour, a jewel in the heart of the Arabian Desert where modern luxury meets timeless tradition. Known for its futuristic skyline, opulent shopping malls, and cultural richness, Dubai promises a sensory journey like no other.

Embark on a journey to Dubai, where every moment is a blend of luxury, adventure, and cultural discovery. Whether you seek the heights of modernity or the depths of tradition, Dubai invites you to explore a city that seamlessly marries the past with the future, creating an unforgettable travel experience.

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  • SightseeingsSightseeings
  • TransportationTransportation
  • StayStay
  • BreakfastBreakfast
  • DinnerDinner

  • At the moment there is hotel availability in Dubai. We are not holding any room availability is subject to change please send us the name so we can confirm. We have given our best rates....!!!!
  • If  Hotels Take Any Festive Supplement Charges On New Year Eve / Other Days Then Clients Have To  Pay Directly At Hotel....!!!
  • Subject To Hotel , Fleets & Sightseeing Ticket Availability
Terms & Conditions

Booking and Payment:

  • Reservation Confirmation: All bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a deposit or full payment, as per the specified requirements for the particular tour package.
  • Payment Schedule: Full payment or installment deadlines are communicated upon booking confirmation. Failure to adhere to payment schedules may result in cancellation or additional fees.
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Specify accepted payment methods (credit cards, bank transfers, etc.) and any associated fees.

Cancellation and Refunds:

  • Cancellation Policy: Outline the cancellation policy for different time frames before the tour start date and any associated fees or refunds.
  • Refund Process: Detail the procedure for requesting a refund and the timeline for processing refunds.

Itinerary and Changes:

  • Tour Itinerary: Clarify the detailed itinerary of the tour, including inclusions and exclusions in the package.
  • Changes by the Operator: Reserve the right to modify the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., weather conditions, political unrest) and specify the process for informing customers about such changes.)

Travel Documents and Insurance:

  • Passports and Visas: Communicate the responsibility of travelers to possess valid passports, visas, and any required travel documents for the tour.
  • Travel Insurance: Strongly advise customers to obtain adequate travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances during the trip.

Liability and Responsibility:

  • Limitation of Liability: Clarify the extent of the travel operator's liability for any loss, damage, injury, or inconvenience incurred during the tour.
  • Third-Party Services: Indicate the limitations of responsibility for services provided by third-party vendors (hotels, airlines, local guides, etc.).

Participant Conduct:

  • Conduct Standards: Set guidelines for participant conduct during the tour, such as respecting local customs and laws.
  • Removal Rights: Reserve the right to remove any participant from the tour if their behavior is disruptive or harmful to others.

Force Majeure:

  • Unforeseeable Circumstances: Specify the procedure in the event of unforeseeable circumstances (e.g., natural disasters, political unrest) affecting the tour, including rescheduling or cancellation options.

Complaints and Disputes:

  • Complaint Procedure: Outline the procedure for addressing and resolving customer complaints or disputes during or after the tour.

Governing Law:

  • Legal Jurisdiction: Specify the governing law and jurisdiction for any legal disputes arising from the terms and conditions.

Updates and Changes:

  • Revision of Terms: Reserve the right to update or modify the terms and conditions, and specify how customers will be informed about such changes.

Cancellation Policy::

  • All cancellation against international tour packages will be vary by the destinations.

Exceptional Circumstances:*:

  • In case of unforeseen situations (e.g., medical emergencies), a refund may be considered, subject to review and completely depend on Hotel / Transporter or vendor.


  • Refund Policy: Depending on the ticket type and rely on airline (e.g., non-refundable, partially refundable)
  • Cancellation Fees: For cancellations made after the initial 24 hours, a cancellation fee will be applied based on the airline policy and the time remaining before the flight departure.
  • Non-Refundable Tickets: Some tickets might be non-refundable, and in such cases, no refund will be provided upon cancellation.

Visa Services:*:

  • Service Fee: The visa application service fee is non-refundable once the application process has commenced.
  • Government Fees: Fees paid to the government for visa processing are non-refundable, as they are independent of the service provider.

All the refunds will be credited in bank details you have provided, and can take upto 7 working days after your departure date:


  • Stay(3*)
  • 04 Breakfast
  • Airport Return Transfers By Private Vehicle
  • City tour of Dubai
  • Burj Khalifa - 124th Floor (Non Peak Hours) 
  • Dubai Mall
  • Fountain Show
  • Desert Safari tour with Barbecue dinner & Belly Dance
  • Dhow Cruise including buffet dinner
  • All Tours & Transfer On SIC Basis


  • Not mentioned in Inclusions 
  • Airfare Not included
  • Rooms & Rates subject to availability at the time of Confirmations
  • Above given rate valid for 02 Days only